Welcome to Women’s Wellness Center, a multispecialty medical practice, providing healthcare with the whole woman in mind.  Our integrative, patient-focused philosophy offers a refreshing departure from the usual, combining excellence in medical care with sensitivity to your individuality.  You’ll love the friendly staff and comforting environment, feeling as if you`ve entered a spa, complete with tranquil music, warm lighting, calming décor – all designed with a woman’s unique experience in mind.

Please scroll down for a brief look at the services we offer.  Click Services in the menu at the left to view our entire range of services in detail. 

Primary Care for Women and Girls
The beauty of our center is that it is one stop for your healthcare needs.  Our primary care team provides care for routine general health concerns from preventive care to acute and chronic health conditions from head to toe. 

Obstetrics and Gynecology Services
Board-certified Ob/Gyn physicians offer the complete spectrum of Ob/Gyn services, from office gynecology to prenatal care to gynecological surgery, including minimally invasive surgery in the convenience of our office. 

High-Risk Pregnancy Care
Women’s Wellness Center is the home of Dr. Mark Grant and the Center for Maternal-Fetal Care, the only local private practice with an on-site, board-certified pregancy and ultrasound specialist. Our entire team practices to the high standard you expect –  whether your pregnancy is high-risk or uncomplicated.  Who needs a pregnancy specialist?

Menopausal Hormone Health
Questions about menopausal hormone therapy? To visit with an expert who cares, schedule an appointment for a hormone health consultation.  

Psychological Counseling
If suffering depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or emotional trauma, get the help you need right here in the "comfort zone" of your wellness center.  Learn more about our counseling services here

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
These ancient methods of healing have been used for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments and to enhance wellbeing. 

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy facilitates emotional and physical healing, reduces stress, and rejuvenates – seems like a natural in a place called a wellness center!

For Your Convenience 
Our website offers interactive features to help you make the most of your time.  Through our patient portal, you may complete your health history forms online, request an appointment or prescription refills, ask our staff a question, and pay your bill online.  Just click Create An Account to take advantage of these convenient services.