Visiting with one or more of our providers, you may obtain any of the following services.

Primary Care

  • General Preventive Care for Women and Girls age 7 and older
  • Annual well woman exam
  • Contraception Counseling and Management - hormonal contraception, diaphragm, IUD (Mirena or Paragard) and Nexplanon®
  • Diagnosis of Acute Illness - respiratory and sinus infection, urinary tract infection, abdominal pain, rash, other acute symptoms
  • Management of Chronic Health Conditions - asthma, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.
  • Adolescent gynecologic visits with female healthcare providers in the comfortable, supportive environment  of a specialized women's center
  • Immunizations and vaccines
  • Treatment of Mild Depression or Anxiety
  • Sports Physicals for Girls
  • Assistance with Smoking Cessation

Gynecology and Women's Health

  • Management of Gynecologic Problems - abnormal Pap and HPV, abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, etc.
  • Annual well woman exam
  • Contraception Counseling and Management - hormonal contraception, diaphragm, IUD (Mirena or Paragard), Implanon, Nexplanon and tubal sterilization
  • Gynecologic Surgery, both inpatient and outpatient, including state-of-the-art minimally invasive techniques
  • In-office Surgical Procedures: Hysteroscopy, Hydrothermal endometrial ablation, Essure tubal sterilization, etc.
  • Gynecologic Ultrasound - evaluation of pelvic pain or suspected pelvic disease

Complete Care for your Pregnancy

  • Prenatal Care and Delivery for high-risk or uncomplicated pregnancy
  • Board Certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist available for consultation or complete prenatal care
  • Fetal ultrasound and diagnostics conveniently located on site
  • Fetal monitoring available in our specialized maternal-fetal care suite
  • Delivery and hospital care at Boone Hospital Center

Peri-menopause and Hormone Health

  • Management of Women's Hormonal issues - peri-menopause, PMS, thyroid
  • Bio- identical Hormone Therapy

Mental Health Counseling 

  • For relationship issues, depression and other mood disorders, life transitions, stress management, etc.
  • Please visit Our Providers page to meet our mental health counselors.


  • A component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is a 2,500 year-old method of treatment that may be used for treating acute and chronic pain, as well as many other conditions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • An ancient clinical-treatment, Chinese herbology can be used in treating numerous ailments.

Massage Therapy

    • Helps facilitate emotional and physical healing, reduce stress, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. View our massage services.



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